Six Scents

I enjoyed this article in which The Times talks about how scent is the latest in the armoury of sales. Our sense of smell is directly wired in our brain, meaning that smell requires less processing and can immediately evoke memories. Tap into the right smell and you can tap into the vivid memories.

We all know how the smell of freshly baked bread makes our mouth water. Now bakeries are spraying the smell in the middle of the day long after baking has stopped to achieve the same effect. Other shops are also using smell to good effect, so that one selling summer cloths might have a smell of the beach. And what about the London Dungeons? Well, they make the exhibits more realistic with the smell of blood and faeces.

A salesperson can tap into others’ sight, hearing and feeling senses – or representational systems – using your language and other behaviour. But what about smell? If it is so evocative, surely you should do the same? It’s all very well for a shop to spray the right smell. Not quite so easy for a salesperson!

I searched the web into aftershaves and found nothing conclusive, so am going to do a little experiment. I’ve picked those that seem to be the six most popular scents and am going to see if they have any effect on my audience, if you like creating a sixth sense! The ones that seem to get the best reaction are:

1. Issey Miyake. Lots positive and nothing negative about this one.
2. Hugo Boss Bottled.
3. That old favourite, Fahrenheit.
4. Joop, which seems the marmite of smellies. Either you love it or hate it!
5. Crave by CK.
6. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male.

I’m going to try these over time and see what the reaction is. I expect the biggest to be from my better half, Nicola, as she as an incredible sense of smell!

Issey Miyake Pour Homme

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