I love prospecting!

I love prospecting

I love prospecting

I often hear how prospecting – also known as cold calling – is the least enjoyable part of sales. I beg to differ: I love prospecting! The thrill of searching for and striking “gold” in my territory is something I enjoy. As is the investigative work as I research into an organisation and its hierarchy.

Nowadays it’s made so easy with the Internet and the incredible amount of information at your finger-tips. And that brings a different challenge: if that information is resource for you then it’s a resource for everyone. So how do you differentiate yourself? Through speed, efficiency and excellence.

The key tools for prospecting are straightforward, timeless and captures by PLC: Plan, List, Channel:

1. Plan: You need a plan and a great script.
2. List: You need a list: either bought or researched yourself. You also need Internet to make the most of that list.
3. Channel: You need a phone and email.

I will be looking at how you can make the most of the first two over coming blogs. The third? Well, you just need to put all the excuses aside and get going!

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