Nice one BMW

I experienced a new level of sales personalization today.

A friend wants to buy a BMW so went for a test drive. The sales rep followed up with a personal video voicemail embedded in an email. Now that’s something new, perhaps a sign of the future.

I saw it first with the volume turned down and was rather taken with it. I asked my friend to send it to me so I could listen to it. It proved to be a missed opportunity for the rep, because it was a standard “Hi-its-ABCRep-phoning-to-follow-up-your-interest-in-XYZ” message. This was because the rep missed the chance to reiterate the value that he knew my friend sees in the car and so clinch the deal. It moved from being a personalised video message to being a standard video voicemail sent to a person.

There was another snag. There was a second video link in the email, which invited my friend to “Get comfortable, put your feet up, and watch your own special presentation”… supposedly to watch a video about the car. Only problem – it was a duplicate of the video voice message!

BMW iDrive

So like all latest gadgets that BMW introduces – for example the iDrive – it takes a few releases to get it right. But once it does, we can be sure video voice messages and personalised presentations sent by email will hit the mainstream.

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