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Nice one BMW

I experienced a new level of sales personalization today. A friend wants to buy a BMW so went for a test drive. The sales rep followed up with a personal video voicemail embedded in an email. Now that’s something new, … Continue reading

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Book review: Write to Sell by Andy Maslen

What is the book about? It’s all in the title: Andy teaches you how to write to sell. He is a copywriter on a mission: taking copywriting beyond advertising and marketing into the mainstream. What are the top three things … Continue reading

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I love prospecting!

I often hear how prospecting – also known as cold calling – is the least enjoyable part of sales. I beg to differ: I love prospecting! The thrill of searching for and striking “gold” in my territory is something I … Continue reading

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Six Scents

I enjoyed this article in which The Times talks about how scent is the latest in the armoury of sales. Our sense of smell is directly wired in our brain, meaning that smell requires less processing and can immediately evoke … Continue reading

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When Michael Bosworth coined the term “customer pain” in his book Customer Centric Selling, he probably didn’t realise just how important this would become. Salespeople around the world recognise how understanding a prospect’s pain gives you the license to explain … Continue reading

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A riddle to start the new year

A Novice approached two Sensei and asked, “What is the best question to ask?”   One replied, “What’s important to you?”   The other replied, “Why is that important to you?”

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Welcome to Tsunami Sales

What’s is Tsunami Sales, you might ask? Tsunami Sales is about building an irresitable wave for sales that keeps on going and going and going. Creating Tsunami Sales takes time, perservance and skill. The first can be granted by your … Continue reading

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